After we talked to you, we looked around a lot. It was just like you said.  Other companies wanted to sell us cheaper imported sculpture, but what they wanted us to pay for up front looked nothing like the picture in their catalogs or website.  We were afraid our memorial would be even worse than their drawings, which were really bad.  It didn’t seem right.  We just weren’t comfortable doing business that way.  We came back because we trust you.”     Sonya W., South Carolina

Bunnies with Stella D'oro lilies, Daffodils, Lily of the valley and Johnny Jump Ups

Bunnies and Butterfly with Stella D’oro daylilies, Daffodils, Lily of the Valley and Johnny Jump Ups. Life sized bas relief sculpture in GA Blue granite.

What makes this work special are the same things that make it prized.  Few know how or where to get it done; even fewer can actually do it.

Recently, 5 axis CNC mill computer technology has ushered new carved stone products into the market as a more affordable option.  While it may be less expensive, it is also much different.  To an expert it often looks incomplete and much like work done by an inexperienced carver which must be finished by the Master Sculptor.  It is shape and form lacking substance and artistic achievement. Such product has a place in the market, just like dollar menus items that fill stomachs without ever being confused with quality food.  The carver, whether man or machine, only copies.  The sculptor creates.

Options are available to always achieve a final result within budget.  Choosing durable granite or quality natural marble over temporary products like bonded marble, concrete and fiberglass or theft-prone products like bronze produces the most enduring investment of a patron’s resources.

Last but not least- projects can be developed to meet a specific budget or produced to meet the patron’s desires, regardless of budget.  Either way, once a commission is deposit-secured, my price will not go up.  No hidden charges.  No surprises.

In-process view Carrara Marble Angel

In-process view Carrara Marble Angel, sculpted per insurance claim to replace stolen original statue

As a sculptor, I offer original works wholly conceived by me.   Working directly without models can expedite schedule and minimize costs.  I produce artwork and clay models from live sittings, photographs and drawings for customer approval before subsequent reproduction in granite or other media.  This offers clients secure predictable results, especially for portraits.  Collaboration with other artists and sculptors plays a significant role in my work, expanding the portfolio of all involved.

As a carver, I produce requested motifs or can replicate existing work- good, bad or unique- upon demand. Stylistic standards common in memorial work are clearly understood, so customers can order with confidence.  A large and growing archive of industry-related catalogs, pattern books and installed work, old and new, is  maintained here for reference.

As a finisher,  hallowed “lost art” such as Shell Rock Pitch as well as hand-cut letters, hand-axed finishes and custom polishing are part of my training. Rarely are carvers or sculptors properly trained in these specialties. Fortunately, they were handed down to me by family during my apprenticeship.

Most projects require a combination of these specialties.  Many times a client’s simple original drawing, even if only a stick figure or inspirational image of an existing work, starts the process.    The entire project- from first call to installation- can be handled in house, but typically is done in conjunction with other professionals such as a monument or memorial retailer local to the client to benefit both schedule and budget.

Entrusting your important project to a properly trained, experienced and reputable full-time professional is a sound investment.  If that choice was not made initially, understand many projects have come to me at a later date to be successfully resolved.  Don’t hesitate to call.  I am glad to help.”

    AC Button II,  Sculptor

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